How to Calculate the ROI of Link Building

Unlike your other digital marketing efforts, link building doesn’t seem to create immediate value. You can calculate the ROI, positive or negative, on a sale from your marketing channels, but calculating the value of building links seems murkier. In a survey last year, less than 50% of small businesses had an SEO budget at all, and a plurality of those businesses spent less than $100 per month. Given the extraordinarily low amount most businesses and marketers spend, you can believe their expectations would be for a trackable ROI. In fact, I believe you actually can measure the ROI of link building pretty […]

Google Adds “Request a Quote” Button to Business Listings in Search Results

Google is automatically adding a large “Request a Quote” button to eligible business listings in search results. Joy Hawkins was first to spot this feature and she shared a screenshot on Twitter: Whoa…the “Request a Quote” button is now showing on branded searches on desktop and it’s HUGE. 1426:07 PM – Jul 24, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy90 people are talking about this The button also appears in mobile search results when the business name is searched for. I, along with others, can replicate this feature which means it’s not just a test. However, it is limited to certain business […]

Is SEO Best Practice the Enemy of Success?

In an industry that abounds in folklore and celebrity influencers, is SEO “best practice” the key to mastering the SERPs or a shallow goal that leads to missed opportunities? What is “best practice,” who defines it, and why is it so widely adopted? What Is ‘Best Practice’? “Best practice” tends to refer to a method of working that has been generally accepted as better than others at achieving a result. When we speak about SEO “best practice” it conjures images of page title lengths, word-counts, and Domain Authority thresholds. It suggests that there is an accepted method of optimizing websites to make […]

The Top 25 Movies About Social Media to Add to Your Watch List

Looking for social media movies and television shows that hold up a mirror to our 21st century existence? We’ve rounded up the top movies and TV show episodes that highlight how deeply social media has penetrated our culture. Among them, you’ll find horror films where social media connections turn creepy, documentaries that explore topics like Facebook’s data collection, and movies where the reliance on social media has gone too far. Read on to discover the best social media movies to add to your watch list now! 1. The Social Network Jesse Eisenberg stars as Mark Zuckerberg in this 2010 movie depicting the […]

Google Chrome Now Supports Dark Mode Preference

Google announced support for  prefers-color-scheme media query.  This means Chrome will display web pages with dark mode color schemes if a user indicates a preference for dark mode. This change begins in Chrome 76. Beginning with Chrome 76, web developers can now show Chrome visitors a dark mode version if the user sets that as their default viewing preference. Dark Mode is an Opportunity Dark mode allows users to browse your site under dark settings. Creating a dark mode version of your site allows you to provide your content to these users in a way that accommodates them. This is […]

Google Rolling Out Updates for Android Auto

A new previously announced interface for Android Auto (automobiles) is rolling out. As Android Auto becomes widespread more and more local search site visitors may be coming from autos. While Android Auto focuses heavily on apps, this may still be reflected in greater adoption and an increase in calls and visits for local search related businesses. New App Launcher The Android Auto interface features a new app launcher that shows the most frequently used apps up top. Activating a media player like Spotify will begin playing where you left off. A new navigation bar that sits at the bottom of […]

WordPress Proposes Plan for 61% of WP Sites Using Outdated PHP

WordPress development volunteers published a proposal to urge users of potentially vulnerable versions of PHP to upgrade. An alarming number of WordPress users still use PHP versions that no longer receive security updates. WordPress Addresses 61.6% of Vulnerable Publishers PHP is the underlying scripting language that WordPress runs on. The most current version is PHP 7.3.7. PHP is continually updated to make it more efficient and to patch security issues. Except versions that have reached “End of Life” status (EOL). PHP versions 5.6 and 7.0 reached EOL in December 2018. Only 38.5% of WordPress sites run on an up to […]

Google’s John Mueller: Sitelinks Search Box May Take a Month to Show in SERPs

Google’s John Mueller recently explained that a sitelinks search box can take up to a month to appear in search results. This topic came up during a Google Webmaster Central hangout where a question was asked regarding how long it takes for a sitelinks search box to show in the SERPs. Compared to other types of markup, a sitelinks search box can take a long time to appear. Mueller says this is because Google wants to make sure it’s something that will be available on a site for the long run. With other types of markup, Google can crawl it […]

5 Benefits of Digital PR Which Aren’t Links

Digital PR is one of the most effective and efficient ways to earn links at scale from authoritative top-tier websites and niche-relevant publications. When you launch a great data-driven campaign with a strong story, earning tens of links as a result of your outreach efforts isn’t unusual – unlike many tactics which result in only single links. Despite this, I’m of the strong opinion that links aren’t the only reason why digital PR should be a key tactic in your wider digital strategy. Links may be among the primary reasons why many of us have begun to think like PRs, tell stories […]

4 Strategies to Increase Facebook Lead Ad Quality

Facebook Lead Ads are becoming an increasingly common tool for lead gen advertisers. They might take a bit of work to set up, but can yield great results by providing a good user experience for your potential customers. Usually, lead gen ads are beloved for the first couple of months after they’re launched. If all goes according to plan, leads are coming in at a good clip and usually for less than you’re paying through traditional landing page campaigns. But after a bit, that luster begins to fade. Typically, upon further inspection, the leads from lead gen ads just aren’t as […]